Rotation Match: Reyes vs. Alcano

NOTE: This pool video is in 5 parts. All 5 parts are in the viewing box on the right. Just click on the arrows on the left and right side to move through the 5 parts. I hope that helps.

This is a rare video of rotation played between two of the world's greatest players. Efren "Bata" Reyes plays an exhibition match with Ronnie "The Volcano" Alcano. The match has commentary that is partially in english, but doesn't add much value to the match. This is a well played match, though. You have to see the 3 rail kick that Efren makes in the second rack at about the 2:10min. mark. If you don't know Efren, you might think it was a lucky hit, but he seems to make those shots A LOT. Enjoy the match!
Game: Rotation
Equipment: Unknown
Players: Efren Reyes vs. Ronnie Alcano
Tournament: Exhibition Match
Year: 2008
Commentators: Unknown


P.S. Check out the listings for Meucci Cues and Predator Cues and Shafts just below the video box.

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