One Pocket Pool Video: Reyes vs. Daulton

Ok...we have another great pool video for true pool fans. Efren Reyes and Shannon Daulton battle it out in the finals of the Galveston World Classic One Pocket finals.

In this billiard video, you'll see two true legends of pool and, of course, they are among the elites playing one pocket. Along with the great pool playing, there is GREAT commentary by JoeyA and Double-J, Jeremy Jones.

These types of one pocket videos are a great way to expand your knowledge. It's a great way to learn one pocket and much cheaper than the way I have learned it ;-)

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P.S. Are you a pool player and a Harley fan? If so, check out the great Harley Davidson cues below the billiards video.

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One Response to One Pocket Pool Video: Reyes vs. Daulton

  1. ken alvarez September 12, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    the worst vids I have ever seen ( youtube ) why do you guys use them? they suk big time

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