9 Ball Pool Video: Wiley vs. Wilson

This pool video features the great CJ Wiley, who had taken a bit of a break from competitive pool.  I've been looking for some CJ Wiley videos to post and found another one here.  This is another match with him playing in a bar box tournament at White Diamond Billiards.

This match was streamed by BigTruck with commentary, too, via Ustream.  Check out BigTruck's Ustream channel.  Thanks Ray.

In this 9 ball video, CJ Wiley is playing Adam Wilson in a race to 7.

CJ just recently released his new Ultimate Pool Secrets DVD.  All of the reviews that I have read have been very, very positive.  The consensous is that there are a lot of unique concepts in CJ's new DVD, which is not always true when pro players release these types of instructional billiards DVDs.  I highly encourage you to check out CJ's site and buy the DVD.  Tell him Skippy sent you.


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